Chester Conference Venues

Reflecting on Chester as your conference location?

Konflinx UK proudly offers the choice of 3 venues in Chester. With our extensive selection of meeting and conference rooms, discovering the ideal venue for your event is straightforward. Select one or multiple venues of your choice from below and receive a free, no-obligation quote(s). If you need help picking from Chester's many conference venues, just ask. Our friendly experts are here to ensure your event goes smoothly.

The scenic town of Chester is a great town to host your next venue. With many venues available, let Konflinx help you pick the best of the bunch!

3 Venues
Whitchurch Road, Christleton, Chester
This luxury hotel set in the countryside of Chester is in a scenic and practical location with close links to the M53 and M56 motorway, as well as the railway station.
Number of conference / event rooms: 8
Warrington Road, Hoole, Chester
This charming hotel set in the outskirts of historic Chester occupies 11 modern meeting rooms, holding up to 200 delegates.
Number of conference / event rooms: 9
Grosvenor Road, Chester, Chester
This hotel is situated in a scenic location, over 12 acres of landscaped ground. With 3 well-equipped and modern conference spaces, the Abode Chester is an ideal venue for hosting conferences.
Number of conference / event rooms: 3
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Conference in Chester?

Why conference in Chester?

Historical and Cultural Appeal

Chester is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and preserved medieval walls. Hosting a conference in such a picturesque and historic setting can add a unique and memorable element to the event. Attendees can explore the city's attractions, including the Roman Amphitheatre, Chester Cathedral, and the Rows, during their downtime.


Chester is well-connected by road and rail, with easy access to major cities like Liverpool, Manchester, and London. Manchester Airport is also within a reasonable distance, making it convenient for international attendees. The city's compact size means that conference venues and accommodations are typically within walking distance of each other.

Unique Venues

Chester has unique and historic venues that can add character to conferences. Consider hosting sessions or receptions in venues like Chester Racecourse, which offers panoramic views, or historic buildings such as Chester Town Hall.

Dining and Entertainment

Chester offers a diverse culinary scene with restaurants, pubs, and cafes to cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. The city's nightlife includes bars, theaters, and entertainment options for post-conference activities.

Tourism Opportunities

Chester's location in the North West of England provides access to other tourist attractions in the region, including the Peak District, North Wales, and the Lake District. Attendees may choose to extend their stay and explore these nearby destinations

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