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General Information                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Antenna is Nottingham’s creative business hub: a dynamic, media production centre for enterprise, creativity and innovation, serving the new-start community through to more established businesses. It is also a dynamic social space – their vibrant bar and restaurant provides a unique environment to do business, network, entertain and be entertained. Antenna is adjacent to Confetti and is home to a membership ranging from the BBC to award-winning filmmakers, from designers to games companies. The development of Antenna, along with the other commercial businesses in the group has provided a very real and unique connection for Confetti students to the creative industries. It has also enabled Nottingham’s creative businesses to develop and flourish thanks to a programme of business support initiatives, a creative environment within which to do business and network and a pipeline of new creative and business talent on its doorstep. Since Antenna opened in 2009, they have played a vital role in developing and nurturing creativity in business across Nottingham and beyond. 

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